About Sam Sutton Caricature & Illustration

Hi, my name is Sam Sutton.  I reside in Smithville, Ohio and have been drawing caricatures at events all around Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas since 2004.  I have been drawing to some degree since kindergarten.  One of the things that kick started my re-introduction to art was enrolling in drawing classes through the University of Akron.  Over the years I’ve created pencil and colored pencil portraits for clients with the occasional funny caricature of a coworker. Business really took off in 2004 when I also began providing live caricatures for parties and gift/studio caricatures.  I try to capture the subject’s likeness while adding the important element of humor.  I have many repeat clients and love the interaction of the party guests at weddings, college events, corporate events, holiday parties and any other type of gathering.